For all intents and purposes

I read an article yesterday, and it had me thinking a lot. It had me thinking about Plan B’s and C’s should this Ph.D. thing not work out. When I say “not work out,” I mean, should I wake up one day and decide, “Fuck this shit!”, or decide that I no longer want to be in academia, that I still have something else that I can go to, that I enjoy, that I can make a living from.

In this blog I attempt to document and reflect on my journey through the Ph.D. process. I will share my ups, downs, and the fucking bullshit that comes along with it. I will share the realizations I have had, and the lessons I have learned. I will be as honest as I can.

Here is a link to the article >>>






One thought on “For all intents and purposes

  1. For an elaborate version of the one you cite, you may find this one more depressing.

    Been there, done that. But depending on who you ask, the argument can go either direction. Upside: once you pass the tenure review, you are your own boss: you don’t need to give a fuck of what others think.


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