Don’t be fooled by Fake Diversity

All I will say here is… This:


versus, this:


The world is not homogenous, and neither is knowledge. If diversity means anything to you – AND IT SHOULD – there should be a healthy mixture of social and economic backgrounds, ethnicities, sexes, nationalities, and more in your school, college, and department. This will be reflected in publications, projects, people, and their positions. Don’t de fooled by that fake shit. The token person of color who is in every fucking photo because he/ she is the ONLY person of color. Fuck that shit!

If you like homogeneity, you won’t even notice the lack of diversity. Sadly. If you are a minority, you will notice. Do not go to an institution that practices fake diversity. Speak with people of color (PoC) to find out how they find their experience there. Your white colleague would not notice racial inequities or problems. On the other hand, minority students and professors would, since it is almost impossible for them not to.


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